Payment Policy

Payment Methods

You'll need to enter a credit card into the TransVirtual web portal to enable a live account. You'll find this in your TransVirtual Account section (Settings Menu).


You will be charged a per consignment transaction which enables unlimited mobile device downloads and user licences. A minimum charge per invoicing period applies to ensure 'fair use' as there are many valuable tools that are included with your licence.


Our invoicing is fully automated and begins as soon as your credit card has been added. The default invocing periods are weekly (Monday - Sunday) or monthly (subject to approval). Invoices will include all consignments in your account during the invoice period, even if you enable your account partway through an invoice period. An invoice will be generated and sent to you via email. It's also available from your TransVirtual Account section of the web portal and is due 14 days after the invoice date. An email reminder will be sent to your registered email address 24 hours prior to the automatic charge taking place. Following payment a receipt will be emailed to you. If a payment fails for any reason you will be notified and we'll attempt to process the payment the following day. Please ensure sufficient credit or funds are available or contact us as soon as possible to discuss alternative options. A reminder email will be sent for outstanding payments. Accounts that remain outstanding will receive a final suspension notice before being automatically disabled until all outstanding payments have been processed.


You can choose to cancel your subscription at any time by providing 7 days written notice. All transactions including development and paid support before the cancellation date will be invoiced during the next invoice period. Payments made as per our standard terms.

Rates and Charges

All rates and charges as displayed on the website will be converted to your local currency if available or default to USD. Prices are subject to change, and we will give you a minimum of 30 days notice. For all travel, onsite training or custom development, a quote we will be provided to you that will outline the works to be performed and the total price (based on an hourly rate + costs). A 50% deposit will be required before bookings or custom development can proceed.